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Sport Specific Training / By: Andrew Lizotte CSCS

by Andrew CSCS, August 11, 2017

Everyone who steps foot in the gym to workout has the same general goal and purpose in mind…. See results! However, the approach that needs to be taken to get from A (where you are when you start) to B (your results after all the hard work) is different for each person. Let’s face it… Is a 40 year old soccer mom with a bad back going to follow the same training program as a 20 year old college football player? The answer is no. When it comes to athletics, training models need special modifications and specifications depending on multiple variable including, sport, position, injury history, age, and experience among others. Making sure your training program is specifically designed for you as an individual is one of the most important components to your success as an athlete.

General training programs do exist and can be found through resources like or other strength training platforms. However, how do you know that the program you are following is best suited for you to maximize your performance? The truth is, you don’t. An experienced Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is the most qualified person to design your program. Although there are many talented personal trainers out there, a CSCS strength coach has the knowledge, background, and hopefully the experience to develop a program taking all the above-mentioned aspects into consideration. For example, a simple barbell back squat may seem like a great exercise for training your lower body, but in almost all sports, a movement analysis would reveal a need for unilateral, or single leg, exercise selection. Therefore, a dumbbell loaded split squat may be a more appropriate exercise.

Small details like whether to train bilateral compared to unilateral, or move in the frontal versus the transverse plane of motion are the areas where a certified strength coach will be more beneficial to your training model compared to a typical personal trainer. Despite the difference in overall knowledge and experience that a certified strength coach may have, it’s still extremely important to find the right trainer/coach for you. Someone who pushes and motivates you to perform at your best, as well as having a general care and consideration for your overall well-being could be the difference maker when it comes to you competing to your fullest potential.


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