Physical Therapy Whitinsville MA
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Your First Visit

On your first visit to BVPTS….

knee brace

Please bring your health insurance card:
This will allow us to verify your health insurance coverage and determine what your co-payment or co-insurance will be. You can find this information out prior to your visit by contacting your insurance company as the numbers on the card are not always accurate.

Depending on your health insurance plan, you may need a referral from your primary care physician (PCP). Typically, this can be done by calling your PCP. You can verify this through your insurance company, or contact us with questions.

Please bring in any pertinent paperwork:
Please bring the written referral (or orders) from your referring physician, if you are given one.

If you have had any imaging or other studies (X-rays, MRI, etc.) done, and you have the reports or films, feel free to bring them. These are NOT required.

Please bring a current list of medications you are taking.

Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear. For example:

  • Please bring shorts for a leg or back evaluation.
  • Please wear a tank-top or T-shirt for an arm evaluation.
  • Please bring in the footwear you are typically wearing, if you are having pain with running or walking.