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About Us

BVPTS began in March of 1990 when Barbara McCumber opened up a small office at 1035 Providence Road in Whitinsville after working for the local hospital physical therapy department. There, she grew from 1 suite to 2 and finally to 3 as both her clientele and staff grew. In the late 1990s, managed care hit the health sector and caused a significant change in the reimbursement model of private practice, she was forced to downsize. The office was moved into a smaller space shared with Dr. Robert Bajema, MD, a local, beloved primary care physician at 57 Church Street. It was there that Eric Connolly joined the staff in 2002, and the following year, he became vice president and Barbara’s business partner.

The business was moved back to Providence Road in 2004, but now at 1001 Providence Road. BVPTS remained there for 8 years gradually out growing that space. In 2012, the decision was made to triple the size of the clinic to 3,330 sq ft and move into the newly refurbished Linwood Mill. With the increase in space, we were able to add our Wellness Program to the offer more than just Physical Therapy, allowing patients to continue to work out on our equipment after they were done with typical Physical Therapy. In 2014, we bid Barbara adieu, as she happily rode off into the sunset of retirement.

In 2015, we began our Aquatic Physical Therapy program in conjunction with the Whitin Community Center, and the addition of Marcia Witkus. We were experiencing record numbers of patients coming to us for their Physical Therapy needs and to meet the demand, Dr. Meaghan Hart joined the staff at the end 2015, and in 2016 both Dr. Nicole Studwell and Dr. Matthew Styf were brought on, after both had spent time in the clinic previously (Nicole as a student, and Matt as an aide). To accommodate the growth, we expanded the office an additional 1,100 sq ft to include the suite next door and moved our Wellness Gym to its “own side”, giving us more space on the “Physical Therapy” side for patient care. In 2017, Laurie Brenner brought her 20+ years of Physical Therapy experience to our staff. Andrew Lizotte also joined the staff in 2017 and has been growing the personal training and small group offerings of our Wellness Program. We are looking forward to continuing to help the residents of the Blackstone Valley to reach their goals in 2018 and beyond!

Mission Statement

Blackstone Valley Physical Therapy Services, Inc. will provide patients with a positive rehabilitation/training experience as we assist them in addressing their limitations, and help them in reaching their long-term goals. Therapists will focus on efficacy and evidence-based interventions, and the entire staff will focus on making the patient’s experience positive.