Baseball Performance

Our Baseball Performance evaluation is designed to evaluate, analyze, and train an athlete's mobility, coordination, stability, and power during their hitting or pitching motions. With this information, Dr. Mitch Goldman can design a sport-specific strength and conditioning program for the player's baseball development and help them reach their goals.

Dr. Goldman is a certified professional in OnBase University Pitching and Hitting courses. His expertise in the biomechanics and kinematics of hitting and pitching motions allows him to analyze, train, and develop the athlete to reach their optimal performance in baseball or softball.

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Package Cost

  • 40-60 minutes
  • Includes Swing Video, Swing Speed, Strength and Power Testing, Mobility Assessment
  • Re-Evaluation included with purchase of 3 months
Tier 1

  • Includes 2 days of programmed workout & messaging with coach
Tier 2

  • Includes 2 days of workouts + Gym Membership
Tier 3

  • Includes 2 days of workouts + Gym Membership & 1 day/wk of 1-on-1 training
Tier 4

  • Includes 2 days of workouts + Gym Membership & 2 days/wk of 1-on-1 training

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