Monthly Workout Programming

Unsure where to start or bored with your typical routine? Are you looking to reach a goal and don’t know where to start? The personal trainers at BVPTS are ready to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. We are excited to offer monthly workout programming. Following a 25-minute evaluation and consultation, the personal trainer will create an individualized 4-week workout program for you to follow. Each client will be given the option of a 20-minute educational session each month to review the exercises that have been provided.

Movement Assessment $45
1 month $89
3 Months $245
6 Months $470
1 Year $895
Members (with purchase of membership)
Movement Assessment $45
1 month $79
3 Months $215
6 Months $415
1 Year $795
  • The Movement Assessment is required prior to the first month of Programming.
  • A BVPTS Wellness membership is required to have the membership rates
  • The client is responsible for following through with designed program
  • The movement assessment is a time that is mutually agreed upon with the trainer and client.
  • A movement assessment re-assessment at 1 year is included with the purchase of 1 year of programming
    • A movement assessment is available every six months for $35
  • **Each month of programming builds off the prior month**

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